Thetford cassette toilet C200, swivel, flush tank, rear entry

This is the (slightly disconcerting) description of our campervan toilet.  I have been assured, though, that the rear is actually the best place for an entry point, and just refers to how you access the waste tank. Phew. And the swivel aspect means we can position the toilet with the rear facing towards the back door (for optimum cassette removal), but swivel the seat round so we don’t have to sit facing the wall.

As the photos below probably do a better job of explaining.

The toilet is freestanding at the moment, but will be secured to the wall that separates the bathroom from the kitchen.

And we have got the crème de la crème of campervan basins! It is twice the size of the basins in our house, and plenty big enough to have a personal wash twice a day. (Sorry, these Gavin & Stacey references just keep rolling off my tongue – anyone would think I was obsessed.)

Paul bought the bathroom cabinet and basin from Bunnings, and just had to saw 10cm off the bottom of the cupboard, and cut around the wheel arch and a couple of other protruding objects. I say ‘just’ – this was in 35 degree heat yesterday. The cabinet still needs to be bolted onto the floor, but we need to fit the waste-water tank underneath the basin first.

The next job is to fit the dividing walls, so we can start fixing things into place. Having tried out almost every conceivable colour for the walls, I think they’re going to be white.

7 thoughts on “Thetford cassette toilet C200, swivel, flush tank, rear entry

  1. Hi Paul & Rachel
    The project is beginning to take shape and I’m glad to see that you’ve started with the most important part of camping!
    The dunny!
    Great work and we can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Is Paul still going to write a book about how to fit our a camper van?
    All the best

    • Yep – we thought we’d start at the bottom and work our way up (groan). Thanks for your comments guys. Rich – paul’s literary career is on hold at the moment, he’s concentrating on building stuff.

  2. You could paint it white. OR… you could paint it magnolia and turn completely into your Mother. It’s a tough one.

    Nice toilet though. Tidy.

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