Creating a campervan kitchen

I’ve had a polite request for more campervan photos, so here’s a pictorial update on the kitchen (with as few words as I can muster!)

So our exciting delivery from Caravans Plus last week revealed a ceiling fan, a gas stove and a kitchen sink:

Caravans Plus has been a very useful supplier, we also bought the Thetford toilet and gas bottle casing there. And although they’re based in NSW, the delivery charge for everything in this picture was only about $30.

In preparation for installing the stove and sink, Paul came home every evening last week and lovingly sanded and oiled the wooden worksurface. Then he sanded it again with a finer sandpaper, oiled it again, sanded it again and gave it a final coat of oil for good measure. And then he cut a huge great hole in the middle to fit the gas stove. Still, the rim of the worksurface looks lovely and smooth:

The lid also comes down to create an extra worksurface:

It was obviously a cloudy day in Brisbane.

Paul also prepared the worksurface on the other side of the kitchen where the sink will sit. 

Neither the stove or sink are connected up to anything yet. 

The hardest bit with the worksurface was cutting around the handle next to the door – on the right hand side of the photo above. Paul used a cardboard template to cut around the edge, and the patent-pending right-angled pencil made another appearance.

So here’s an overall view of the kitchen, I think it’s looking beautiful!

Paul has already started work on the seating / bed configuration, so that will be the next chapter in the story. Just don’t mention the seat cushions. I was distressed to discover I have inherited no sewing genes whatsoever, and combined with an innate lack of patience and defiant new sewing machine, progress has been fairly slow.


7 thoughts on “Creating a campervan kitchen

  1. I am looking to convert a Typical Chevy or GMC High Top Conversion Van into a Camper. I can’t believe they’re aren’t any sites for this particular model….since they are everywhere and mechanical parts are plentiful in the USA. I haven’t found anyone who has done this yet! I would like to find a ready made kit that has the fridge, stove, microwave and sink all in one! Or at least plans for one. I’ve been looking for days and nothing. I am hoping you can help me. Thanks So much and great site you’ve got here!
    Thanks again,

    • Hi JP – thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you like the blog! We haven’t come across an all-in-one combination, but I think they do exist. We wanted separate items so we could spread the weight (e.g. gas bottle and water tanks) over the two sides of the van. Hope you manage to find one though, and good luck with your conversion – it’s great fun!

  2. Hi Rach,
    Howa are you doing and thanks for very good site!
    Can you clarify for me, please, which Bunnigs product you were used
    for wooden worksurface?
    Or you can give me reference on Bunnings site, please?
    They are look pretty nice, gret job!
    Thanks a lot for your answer.


    • Hi Serge – thanks for your question. The work surface was about the only thing we didn’t buy from Bunnings! It came from Ikea, called Lagan. Cheers,

  3. Hi there, great blog! It is hard to find good fit out Info.
    I am in the process of converting our Iveco Daily moto x van in to a camper/ surf wagon. Did you purchase the wood paneling as a lot or cut to size etc??

    • Hi Tony, thanks! I’m glad you’ve found it useful. We cut all the wooden partitions and work surfaces to size. The gloss panels were sold as pantry doors in Bunnings and the wooden work surface was from Ikea. Good luck with your conversion 🙂

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