Our campervan bathroom

With a new deadline of Christmas, we’ve spent the last few weekends adding the final touches to the campervan.

The bathroom is now finished:Campervan bathroom

Campervan bathroom

The glass mosaic tiles were left over from our own bathroom so we thought we’d continue the red theme through from the living area.

We have boxed in the wheel arch behind the toilet, which also provides a handy shelf or magazine rack:

The doors separating the bathroom from the kitchen are made from the same gloss panels Paul’s used for all the woodwork (sold as pantry doors in Bunnings – if the link is saying ‘sold out’, err.. we have bought quite a few.)

He added new hinges, handles and a lock at the top of each door, so they can be secured in both the open and closed positions.

Campervan bathroom

So the interior is very nearly complete.

In other news, the curtains are finished – hurrah! My new nemesis is the tiebacks; they are being decidedly tricky.

6 thoughts on “Our campervan bathroom

    • Thanks very much Mark, it’s a Toyota Hiace Commuter van. When I think back to when it was a 14-seater minibus, it’s amazing how much you can manage to squeeze in. Your vans look great – just down the road from where we used to live as well!

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been having trouble with converting the bathroom in my campervan. It’s helpful to read about your success story with converting your bathroom in your campervan. I’ve also had some trouble with the tiebacks when I tried to work on the curtains. I agree, they are quite tricky. Perhaps one day we’ll both find a way to make them work for us.

    • Thanks for your comment Deanna! Luckily our bathroom turned out really well, but I never did manage the tie backs – we just kept using the ribbon which actually looked quite nice. Good luck 🙂

  2. Great job guys thinking of installing roof vent fan as you have but was concerned about the seal over the ridges in the roof of van,do you just fill the gap roughly 5mm with sealant.thanks.regards Mark.

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