Looking for inspiration for your campervan’s interior?

It’s been a while since I blogged, about campervans at least. So I was utterly amazed when I checked the site stats recently and saw that around 600 people still click through to this blog every single day. And in the last 6 years, it’s attracted well over a million views. Wowee. People don’t seem to mind that I haven’t posted anything meaningful since 2011.

A good percentage of the total views (okay, probably 90%) are people looking for instructions to make cushion covers (thank you, Pinterest). And seeing as those cushions accounted for at least 90% of the angst generated during the conversion project, it’s probably appropriate.

So thank you to everyone who still posts lovely comments on the sewing blogs. (And to those who still send in intricate questions about seam allowances, I’m going to admit – just once – that my sewing machine was banished to the loft the moment the cushions were finished and I haven’t felt the urge to open the box since.)

With no campervan of our own on the horizon, I’ve been low on blog content since we left Australia. So instead, I managed to hook up with a UK campervan magazine (handily just called ‘Campervan’) and now test-drive and review campervans for them. It’s great fun. I’ve chosen my perfect van three times. It can also be a tiny bit stressful (but only when you’re told that the van you’re reviewing has already been sold, so please be ULTRA careful with the brand new upholstery and mirror gloss paintwork… and you remember you’ve brought your three-year old along for two days).

Anyway the editor rang me up about a year ago with a slightly different assignment. Later that month he was sending me to cover one of the world’s finest motoring spectacles for the magazine.

I KNEW it wouldn’t be the Singapore Grand Prix. Obviously. A glamorous vision of speed and power and dazzling harbour lights on a hot steamy evening did not even cross my mind.

So I was completely excited when he told me I was off to Busfest. At the Malvern Showgrounds. Well, of course. Busfest is the place to be.

As one of the world’s largest celebrations of Volkswagen campervans, it promised the latest interior designs and a muddy field show ground full of colourful inspiration for your own van. So off I went, along with a few thousand other enthusiasts, to discover a veritable melting pot of VWs, from splitscreens to transporters with high tops, pop tops, no tops…

If there were a league table of people most dedicated to their campervan, the owners I interviewed were all vying for Champion’s League places. (I thought I loved our little van but, in comparison, I’d be languishing perilously close to the Vauxhall Conference.) The hours they’ve spent transforming written-off VWs into modern masterpieces, not to mention the thousands of pounds sunk into leather seating, customised bunting and the now ubiquitous surf-board table was a display of complete devotion. There were some very cool vans and I came away with a heap of ideas for our next campervan.

It almost rivalled a beautiful F1 night race held under the stars. Almost.

This year, Busfest is being held next week from 8-10 September at the Malvern Showgrounds. So if you’re looking for inspiration for your campervan, it’s definitely worth a visit.









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