Campervan paraphernalia

Now, at the risk of sounding like we’re taking this hobby one stage too far and becoming (eek) ‘collectors’, we have amassed some very cool campervan paraphernalia since we started the project. It’s inspired some lovely presents and quite unlikely birthday / Christmas / Valentine’s cards. Here are some of the things we’ve had recently:

Paul got this model kombi van from Jean & John, very useful to practise on before he started the real thing. Although actually, he just had to stick on the lights and add the wheels so we can safely say he’s progressed!

I love this book Alice bought us for Christmas. It’s full of gorgeous campfire feasts, blustery cliff-top walks and tips on how to forage for your own funghi. It remains to be seen whether I could ever summon up enough… well, camping spirit to produce a lemon and herb risotto with cubed gorgonzola in our little kitchen – can you imagine stirring a pan for 20 minutes kneeling down?? – and I must confess, I’ve already ensured we’ll always have enough storage space for a ready supply of nice clean, supermarket-foraged mushrooms. But it’s a fantastic book.

I really like this Christmas card. Obviously I’m the one on the right, not sure who the other lady is.

Paul bought this one. He clearly has very unrealistic expectations high hopes for our future campervan exploits.


6 thoughts on “Campervan paraphernalia

  1. Paul & Rachel
    Doing a great job!!
    Not sure if I will borrow it, if it comes with a red work top!! Do you think it may be complete for my Xmas holidays?
    Just been looking at boat supplies. Have you tried them for water tanks. Try this link.

    I am sure there will be more. They fit them in all size boats so there maybe one for your van. They had a nice flat 59l one for $62.00

    Good luck

    • Neil – I keep requesting a critical path chart from Paul with an expected end date so I can book some trips, apparently it’s ‘all in his head’!

    • Alice – people are going to wonder what on earth we’re competing at!! It’s about birthday cards, and who can buy the best one (okay, the rudest one). I’ve no idea how it came about – was it Mum’s idea?

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