Campervan cushions – and then there were five!

Hurrah! We finally have a full complement of cushions. Here in the seating configuration:

I had to step down the height of the backrests slightly so they would still fit side-by-side in the bed configuration:

I still need to adjust the padding on some of them but they’re almost there. Step-by-step instructions to follow shortly!


4 thoughts on “Campervan cushions – and then there were five!

  1. Very impressed – both with the water system and the cushions!!!
    How much storage space did you manage to fit in. do you have space for things like linen, clothes, beach stuff?? I suppose there is a lot under the seats?
    Not long to go now!!!

    • I know! Just when I’ve finally identified a tiny space for some clothes Paul sticks another tank or pump in there. We’re going to have to be a bit creative. At least we’ll be able to take enough food and wine for a week though because the fridge is huge!

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