Calling all backseat drivers

So the blog has taken a bit of a backseat recently. In fact, our spontaneous mini-break adventures have also taken a backseat. And all because our lovely, little, grown-up campervan doesn’t have a backseat.

At least, not one that will take a new baby. A new baby and his monolithic car seat. Not to mention four changes of clothes per day, a bumper box of Huggies and Trevor his favourite life-size tiger.

Samuel arrived a few months ago, and is clearly another campervan convert.



But, oh. The stuff!

Every inch of our campervan is already crammed with the essentials. Now, I’d be willing to forgo the pretty tealights, but that is not going to free up much space.

Here is our campervan:

Campervan Converts - campervan interior
Here is our free storage:

Campervan drawers

Last month, we managed a weekend away in a lovely child-friendly apartment on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Two-and-a-half people.
Two nights.
Two hours from home.

This was our luggage.

Campervan converts - Holiday luggage
Needless to say, the art of taking off at a moment’s notice with everything packed up is eluding us.

So how can we convert our campervan – again – so that it fits another person and all his paraphernalia? Is it possible?? It must be possible. In George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, he meets a couple who convert a tiny 1960s ambulance into a campervan that sleeps six. SIX!

Our sleeping arrangements would be okay; the fold-out bed is 1.4m wide so Samuel would squeeze in that.

Campervan converts - campervan bed

(Of course we would likely be sleeping upright in the front seats once he’d made himself comfy.)

We could fill the wine cupboard with nappies, use the kitchen sink for bathtime and have meals on our picnic rug.

The car seat is the real problem. The centre console between the two front seats is wide enough to be replaced with a third seat, but I’m not sure it could safely take a baby seat – certainly not rear facing.

Is this the end of the road for campervan#1? Is it time for a new conversion project?

If you have any other suggestions, please do let me know – our campervan is itching to go further than the driveway!

And while Samuel seems very happy sitting in a drawer, we really need that space for bedding.

Baby in a campervan


Campervan Converts - Baby in campervan

4 thoughts on “Calling all backseat drivers

  1. Going through exactly the same thinking to fit our two boys but haven’t yet started the conversion. If you come up with a good layout please share. Im just thinking of leaving the first row of passenger seats in, make them folding and then build a bed that can be made up on top of it. Thanks for sharing all your previous work. Very useful before starting my project.

  2. Time for a hybrid travel trailer?
    I’m from the US and we have 5 children. We just bought our first camper trailer. I have enjoyed reading your posts and have been envious of the styling 🙂 with some modifications I am sure you will enjoy traveling with your little man! Thanks for the lovely blog.

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