Au revoir, madame campervan

So many people have been in touch since my last blog post to enquire about our campervan. We recently sold it to a fantastic couple – Ann and Nigel – who fell in love with it as much as we did. In fact, they flew all the way up from Canberra to view it, before driving it back (1,200km) later that day. Phew! And having suffered from a slight identity crisis over the last five years, the campervan finally has a name: Dolly. I think it suits her. I’m sure many adventures await.

We are about to embark on our own adventure, and relocate back to the UK after 9 years in Brisbane. It’s a sad farewell but we’re looking forward to spending much more time with our families. And with plans already afoot for our next campervan project (the lime green kettle and gingham cutlery have already been packaged up and shipped back), the blog will continue. Hurrah! See you on the other side 🙂

Taking delivery EBay pic of seatsCampervan convertsLayout - timber frameFlooring - completed Joinery - cabinets 3Joinery - seating area Campervan convertsJoinery - kitchen Interior - cardboard modelJoinery - bed and mattress 2 Interior - Happy camperInterior - patriotic back doorLifestyle 6  Plumbing - bathroomCampervan interiorLifestyle 5  Campervan convertsLifestyle 15MaroochydoreNSI 5Queen Mary Falls, Killarney

Montville - autumn colours         Lifestyle 3Baby in a campervan

Best bits of the Campervan Converts:

How to make fabulous seat cushions part one and part two

How to make TERRIBLE cushions (only one part required)

Everything you need to know about campervan plumbing

How to wire a campervan

Delicious food you really really need in your campervan

How to fit a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom into a glorified taxi

11 simple steps to achieve your diy campervan

How did it all start?


9 thoughts on “Au revoir, madame campervan

  1. You will have been very sad to let Madame campervan go after all your hard work. But hopefully left with great memories and looking forward to life back in the UK. Any plans to buy or convert a camper back here ?

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